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CEF’s Purpose:

The purpose of CEF is to:

1.evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and
2.disciple them in the Word of God and 
3.establish them in a Bible believing church for Christian living
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Viewers responding to the program from all over the world:

Bahrain ; Benin; Botswana; Cameroon; Canada; Cyprus; Djibouti; DR Congo; Egypt; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Fujairah; Gabon; Ghana;
India; Kenya; Lesotho; Madagascar; Malawi; Mozambique;
Namibia; Nigeria; Pakistan; Seychelles; South Africa; Swaziland; Tanzania;
Zambia; Zimbabwe

Some Testimonies from viewers
(actual spelling as received in text messages, letters and e-mail)

Young boy from Awassa, Ethiopia   “I watch your programme in every chance I get and I learned many thing. One day when I was watching your programme you was teaching saying “God’s Word is important” this lesson encouraged me to read the Bible”

Parents from Eritrea: “Dear Willie and Erika, we are really impressed by your last Saturday’s children program which we viewed for the first time. Your ministry is very crucial in protecting children from being the captives of the enemy by watching secular TV channels, through which the devil tries to impose his wicked mission”

Parent from Accra in Ghana: “Dear auntie Erika and Uncle Willie, we have been watching your programme on Christian channel and have seen how educative it is to our children. God richly bless you for the good work you are doing for his kingdom. You are by this programme imparting the life and character of Christ into our children”

Young girl from Morija, Lesotho “Hello. I want to thank God about you because now I have good understanding of fruits God bless you.” (after watching the Fruit of the Spirit lesson).

Young man from Blantyre, Malawi:  “I am always thankful for the wonders that have been happening since I started watching this program. This program has changed my life and makes me stand still in his Word. I know God is the one who gave you this vision for you to start this club. I wish I would be one of the children who sing with you every day on the show and I know one day I will be there with you!”

Pastor from Akure, Nigeria “Dear Erika, my family watched yr TV program for children on PRAYER this morning with admiration. We have our ministry in Nigeria. I am led to write and appreciate u and Willie”

Young girl from Minna, Nigeria: "Dear aunty Erika, Calvary greetings to you, your family and your ministry. I appreciate God for your ministry and how it is touching our lives (children privileged to watch) positively. Since when I discover your program on Spirit Word channel I don’t miss it exept when we have no light. Pray for me that one day my parent will be financially able to sponsor me to visit you and attend your program live!”

16 year old girl from Dundonald, South Africa:
“Hey Aunty Erika. I’m also 1 of those who realy want 2b obedient to God, culd u plz snd me d calender so dat I may live the way Gods wants me 2 live each day”

13 year old girl from Jhb, South Africa: “I thank you fo your program. This program has changed my life. Now I know who God is. I know that Jesus he come to forgive our sins and now I have internil life”

9 year old girl from Zeerust, South Africa: “Aunty Erika I greet you and uncle Willie in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was watching spirit word you were teaching about obedience and how to learn, listen, live, love. It was awesome. Me and my sister we invited our friends at our home for this teachings, they are happy. I am going to teach other about this teaching of today. I pray that God increase the anointing in your children ministry”

Girl from Siteki in Swaziland: “Dear Uncle Willie, I have prayed the prayer of faith in God with you on TV. My name is Mehluli Dlamini. I would like to join the club.”

12 year old boy from Blantyre, Malawi: “I’m very thankful for the great job you are doing. With this you are fulfilling what our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us “to preach the Gospel to the whole world”. I’m blessed and I believe that people around my area will also be blessed.”

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